All about York Past and Present

York Past and Present was set up on the 18th October 2013 By Richard Brigham, Lianne Brigham & Ed Akehurst as a group on Facebook. The Intention of the group was to create a place where not only pictures were posted but the history and stories behind them, a place where people could come along and not only recall their memories but also share with others. It was originally inteded to be a "York History" group for everyone who wanted to share their stories.


The Group soon grew in size and started to get interested in "Outside" projects, this mainly involved working with people like John Oxley (York's Archeologist) and A.O.C Archeology in our first Public Participation event of photographing and documenting some World War 2 huts alongside the Guildhall (These were called Hutments).


The idea of Public Participation took a hold and soon we were granted permission to do weekly tours of the Guildhall, opening the doors of every room from Cellar to roof and allowing the public to come along with us and see a building that had not been seen in that light before. After nearly a year we had shown over 1,000 around and got them interested in the history of this Medival building.


In the middle of 2015 we were asked by the Mansion house oif we would be interested in photographing and documenting the Mansion House whilst it was undergoing restoration. This allowed our members to get involved with more public participation also gave us a real chance to show what we (as members of the public) could really do.


Within the first few days we had photographed every room and part of the house and were then quick to document over 5,000 items and catalogue them (this project is ongoing till late 2016).


With over 11,000 members, York Past and Present has eveolved into a History hub and a great Community as well as raising thousands of pounds for various charities by the generosity of its members.


Our aim is simple! And that is to allow members of the public to participate in the archiving and historical documentation of York and its many buildings as well as creating a 21st Century Archive that this CIty can be proud of.







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